Finance bought sponsorship but storage size does not increase

Yesterday my finance (normal staff account) bought the sponsorship to increase our company storage size. Today the size still remains 100mb. Does it take long time to update, or we required to make a sponsorship using an admin account?

No, it is instant. Can you check with your finance, whether he/she paid in the correct Employer account?

Kindly note that to increase storage size, this has to be done via Employer account (as Admin or HR Role)

Our Finance has a normal staff account. Not assigned as admin or HR role in the system.

The payment has been made and has been charged to our account yesterday, can I know how to resolve this issue, since we have made a payment for 1 month.

I think the sponsorship is likely made to an employee account instead.

No worries, you may tell me the employee email that your finance is making the sponsorship, so that I could refund the sponsorship and you can do it again via Employer account.

Sure. Payment was made using

Can I have an email to send bank details if required.

I have successfully refunded your finance’s employee account sponsorship.

May I know what do you mean with this message?