Employer & Employee Account Log in

Hi KapChew,

Previously, I can use my email to login Admin/Employer and Employee Accounts at the same time because i have 2 roles in the organisation. Unfortunately, recently, when i login in one of the accounts, the other one will automatically log out. May i seek you help on this? thank you.

That was not a desired design, and it has some unforeseeable side effects, that’s why I changed it.

If you still need to login both accounts at the same time via web browser, you may either:

  • use different web browsers, OR
  • use the same web browser, one login using normal tab, another using incognito tab

Hi KapChew,

We solved the problem by using 2 email accounts since 11 Dec, i can use the employer account to modify the employees’ details, then use the Employee account to complete the approve procedure . however, seems i can’t login in the two accounts (Employer & Employee) at the same time since this morning.

May i seek you help on this? thank you.

Please read my reply carefully.

Actually we have solved the problem in the past few day by using 2 different email accounts to log in for different role even using the same web browser. Don’t know why we can’t do it again today.