Employee in Multiple Countries

Our organization has several subsidiaries across the country. Can I insert the date for each employee in multiple countries using only an account? Employees in Indonesia, Singapore, Kazakhstan, and the United Arab Emirates, for example, are all utilizing the same HR Administrator account. How can I give leave entitlements to each employee based on their home country’s public holidays?

You may set up multiple holiday schemes for different employees.

For more details, kindly visit the online user guide.

Can they still use clock in and clock out in their own countries?

Unless all these countries share the same timezone, otherwise it’s not possible. One Employer account only allows a single timezone.

Meaning that employees in Kazakhstan cannot use the same Employer account in Singapore because they have different time zone. But what if I still use? Does employees in Kazakhstan will use the SG time zone to clock in and clock out?

Correct. Then you will see wrong clock in time due to timezone translation.

Same goes to salary management? It can or cannot be used?

Salary management is not timezone sensitive. There is no problem.

Only time sensitive activities such as clock in and out, deadline for profile update etc will be affected.

I see. Thank you for the quick response!

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