Employee has changed email address

One of my employees has registered their account using their gmail address. They have lost access to this email account and have given me a new email account to update in the HR app. I have done so, but how can I send them a new request so they can get access to the HR app? it says in the user guide only the employee can update these settings. But in this case, they do not have access to the HR app using their old email address as they cannot remember their password and the password reset will go to their old email address even though I updated it as an employer on the app. How can we fix this?

No, you cannot fix it from your end, only your employee can try to change the registered email address. However, since the email is lost forever, then the next thing you could do now is to create another new employee and invite again.

Hi, cannot this be fixed? deleting the old account we loose the history and dont want that. Why cant the admin change the email and re-invite only?

The account is OWNed by the employee, not the Admin or Organisation.

An employee could use their private email address to sign up for a company’s web account, after he resigns, he could use the SAME email address to sign up for a different company’s web account, because he is the owner of his employee web accounts.

I understand, but they lost access to their private email. I changed their email in the HR app and want to send them a new invite without deleting their account. Why can’t this work?

Lost access to employee email account use case is already handled, but the way you did was wrong.

You should ask them to Change Email from their account, then select the option of “Registered Email could NOT receive email”. Then the change email confirmation code will also be CC copied to the Admin’s email.

So the story goes like this… user says they cannot login to HR.MY because they forgot their password. I told them to do a password reset and then they remember that don’t have access to that email account. This way we as the admin should be able to replace the email account of the user in the app and reinvite them. Please advise if there is something that can be done without having to delete all their details and start from scratch?

  1. The short answer is that, there is no other way for now. Long answer, I will look into this if there are valid use cases.

  2. I don’t understand how can you lose access to your email account, may I know what has happened to your employee email account?

  3. This situation is similar to Admin losing access to the email account, yet forgetting the password. I don’t think there is anything I can do about it.

Admin uses organizational email, and most users uses organizational email. So if these users forget their password we can sort them out easily.

But there are some users that use their gmail or hotmail accounts because their line of work does not permit them to have an organizational email account. These users don’t really use their email and probably was only created for this purpose. Since they don’t remember their hotmail password, they just created an new email account and gave me the new email.

I’ve got 4 users that face the same issue and the nightmare to write down their history of annual leaves etc scares me coz it seems that this will happen again. Hope this helps for justifying a use case for a solution.

It’s not the case for HR.my users. Actually most of them use free email platforms like Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Hotmail.

That’s why it still goes back to my previous question, i.e. essentially they (both employer and employee) will be the same issue that is beyond me.

Surely an admin should be able to change the users email account and re-invite them. Please see if this can be done or at least in the near future. It’s an administrative nightmare to recreate users accounts with full history. If we didn’t care about the history then it would be quick.

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Noted with thanks.

I agree with [isisclinic] admins being able to change a users email or password should standard it would solve so many problems

at the very least there should be an option for a recovery email or mobile number encase a user does loose access to his email account and forgets his password.

Noted with thanks. I will see what I can do about it.

I have updated HR.my to support employee web account re-invitation.

If your employee web account’s original email account is no longer accessible, you may sign in as Employer, then access Web Account and look for the problematic employee web account, click at the “Re-invite” button to send out a new invitation for signing up another new employee web account, which will replace the existing one directly.