Employee Attendance Monitoring

Hi Kapchew,

I noticed that every employee has one (1) assign Line Manager — and this Line Manager can view the time in/out of the Employee.

We want to know if it’s feasible to have two or more people that can check on the employees’ attendance.


May I know the roles of these additional employees?

Let’s say they are the Client Project Manager. We also want them to have visibility of each Employees time in/out.

Sorry, does “Client Project Manager” mean these are not your direct employees?

Yes. We are also planning to create an account for the Client Project Manager. The purpose of the account is for monitoring of Employees time in/out especially if they are deployed in Field.

I see. Allowing external roles to access the system is a new dimension to me, I will need to think about a proper way for such access.

That said, have you considered granting them custom HR Role for such monitoring purpose?

Is it possible to do a manual data entry for the field check in ?
hope i am clear

if not please let me know


Because Field Check-In is meant to provide proof of presence by employee at a location, and manual entry defeats the purpose.