EA Form left our EIS in Socso portion

Hi, i just generated the new EA form for year 2022. I noticed the EIS contribution is not added into the EA form under Perkeso section. The Perkeso section only record the total Socso portion.

May i know is there anything i did not update to include the EIS in EA form under Perkeso portion?

Question: could EIS be included in the Perkeso section?

Yes, Individual can claim relief up to RM350 for contributions made to Socso & EIS for year 2022.

Noted. For now you may change it directly in the exported Excel file.

ok noted, thanks

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Hi, I have updated EA Form to include EIS for year 2022 onwards. Previously EIS was not tax deductible, and they still remain the same for year 2021 and below.

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