Display leave balance at the start of the next year

Not sure if there’s a smarter way of handling it, but our staff hired mid-year have their leave entitlements that span over two years. When at the start of the year, the system hides the entitlements and it requires me to create new entitlements again. I think this needs improvement.

If the leave is valid from Year 1 to Year 2, can the system create the entitlement for year 2 automatically without waiting for the HR manager to create afresh in the beginning of year 2?

Hopefully this makes sense.


This is already supported. Just make sure that you set the Valid Until to 2 years later. When the employee wants to apply for leave, make sure to switch to the correct Entitlement Year to apply.

At the beginning of this year, those who needed a leave failed to apply because the system would show that there’s no data for them. To fix this, I had to login as admin and added their entitlements for 2023. Let me know if that was a bug.

Otherwise my request seems to be similar to this one: Import 2022 Annual leave to 2023

You can also check the attached error.

This is not a bug. For normal employers, their leaves are usually for 1 year only.

In your case, since you wanted the same leave entitlement to be valid for 2 years, then you will need to ask your employee to switch back to last year in order to apply under last year’s leave entitlement.

However, if you are like other employers, then you will need to import or add new leave entitlement again at the beginning of each new year.


To be clear, the leave entitlements are for 1 year just like other employers. However the issue is that we have had employees who joined mid year like 1 June 2022. For these ones, I give them entitlements that are valid from Year 2022 to Year 2023. For instance I add that they earn 22 days of annual leave immediately. If they don’t use any of those or partially, you can understand they will have a balance that’s valid until year 2023.

These are not carryover either because their period was not over. So my workaround has been that I have had to create Annual Leave 1 and Annual Leave 2 for Year 2023.

Annual Leave 1 has the total balance until the end of the actual period say 31 May 2023.

Annual Leave 2 has a prorated balance for the rest of the months of year 2023 starting from 1 June 2023 to 31 Dec 2023. This annual leave can’t be used by the staff until the start of this period.

This will allow me to not forget about it when Annual Leave 1 ends and they want a new leave.

That being said, I understand your workaround too. The staff could just have selected year 2022 and request a leave. I will confirm if it would work though. What if the system says you are looking for a leave in 2023 while entitlements are selected in year 2022😀?

I hope this clears up the situation and can help others.



I see. Actually your use case is not unique then. Many other employers are facing the same situations as well.

As such, what I mentioned before should already work for you. Just take the entitlement year as something indicative, i.e. it is not necessary from 1 Jan to 31 Dec each year, but for those following service year, it may as well be 1 Jun 2022 to 31 May 2023 as in your use case.

Therefore, your employee should just flip to entitlement year 2022 to apply leaves, while 2023 will come with another entitlement from 1 Jun 2023 to 31 May 2024 again.

i have similar problem.
eg. the employee joined the company in mid of 2023, his entitlement (120 hours) valid for 3 years. On 1 Feb 2024, will “Earned” balance in Year 2023 only showing the total balance till 31 Dec 2023, but he can apply the leave till mid 2026?
In 1 Jan 2024, as the system will not automatically shows the “Carried Over” balance in year 2024. Employer only need to create a entitlement which start from 1 Jan 2024, in mid of 2024, the Employer need to create a new entitlement, add 1 additional day to the employee. is it correct?

It’s up to you.

You may either create new entitlement for new year, or ask the employee to apply under the old entitlement (while making sure that the Valid Until is extended to 3 years later)