Discussion Not to reach on the email

How to block discussion from send it individual email address only should remain on HR Portal.

I need to issue to address.

Sorry that for now all notifications will be sent out in both email and in-app push ways.

May be in future I will provide an option.

Why not now, because we want all discussion not to send to the, personal email to stay on discussion board.

What about if we have a dropdown to indirecate the branch and department for the discussion if that will be fine just a quick suggestion

You can already choose the Scope of discussion. Change the Scope from “Organisation” to “Branch” or “Department” before you make a post.

What about the employee are sending the discussion without the Admin so that is my problem if is the admin and the HR only that can fine but employee are also starting the discussion on the dashboard that is my big problem now, how to stop then not to start discussion without us to approved them

The design of Discussion is not for your use case purpose. I think you may want to look for other discussion board solution instead.

I means if we can start the discussion for them before them posting to the discussion

This is not supported yet, but I will look into this if I have more free time later.

If you are concerned with the problem your posted, I suggest that you disable Discussion module and use alternative discussion solutions.

What other alternative solution do you want me to use now

You may try Google search for other discussion solution.