Different calculation of malaysian socso and eis contributions from payroll and pcb calculator

Hi. I have attached screenshots of the calculations of SOCSO and EIS contributions, both from your system, which seems to show different amounts for the same gross salary amount. One calculation is from the payroll payslip screen and the other is from your PCB calculator. The PCB calculator seems to give an amount that is the same as our own manual calculations. The payroll process calculation as shown by the pay slip is a different amount.
How can I get the pay roll process to show the same amount as the PCB calculator amounts.


Please check your employee salary detail settings via Employee->Management.

Kindly note that the 2 system is using THE SAME salary calculation server. Therefore the difference must be due to different conditions for the employee’s SOCSO and EIS settings.

Also, take note of the time period you are generating the salary, different months may be different due to statutory change. i.e. do not compare salary from 2022 with 2023 etc.

I have not touched anything in the Employee salary detail in the Employee->Management section.

How do I check if the numbers shown there is the default amount or it has been changed inadvertently?

I think I know why.

You are using YOUR OWN Statutory Contributions instead of using the system one.

Just remove your items and let HR.my generate for you.

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Got it. That did the trick. I think an overzealous staff went overboard setting the system up. Thanks for the prompt response.

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