Delete payroll processing for some employee

Hi - How do I delete one employee monthly payroll for the payroll I processed? The delete function seems to be deleting entire payroll processed for all employees, I want to delete one employee and process the employee again. Thanks

Why do you need to delete the employee payroll?

Forgot to edit number of hours in earning so that is incorrect data, to fix, need to delete and redo for that part time employee

I see. Then there is no need to delete. Just re-process that employee’s payroll will do.

Additionally, if you need to hide their payslip, just unPublish it.

For more details, you may visit the online user guide.

Can you please guide how to re-process payroll for the employee for the month?

When I try to process for the same month, the employee name does not show up at select employees. It seems once we process payroll the employee for the month, whether published or not, it does not let us rerun for the employee? Thanks

You need to select from the “Processed” employee.

Kindly visit the online user guide for more details, as I am not able to provide hand holding user training.

Got it, thanks

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