Delete Employer Account not possible

How can i close my account.

  1. I create first acc with using my account
  2. my Assistant create new employer account from her email
  3. So now i have 2 employer accounts with 2 different email
  4. my xxx2@ account has send me activation as employee login but fail because i registered before using xxx1@ account email

1.)i cant find ways to activate multiple employer acc as employee
How do i do that
2.) How to delete my employer account under xxx1@ email acc so i can use as employee or admin under 2nd employer acc create via xxx2@ email


  1. Kindly note that the same email address can be used to sign up for 1 Employer account, and MULTIPLE employee accounts with DIFFERENT employer. Therefore it is no need to delete the employer account first in order to sign up for an employee account.

  2. If you wish to close the xxx1 account, sign in as EMPLOYER, then click at the Account icon on the upper right corner, then click Preferences to close it.