Crowdfunding & HR Role Quota

We tried to change our crowdfunding from monthly to yearly, however, when doing so we could not get through. Also can confirm if by doing this we can also get more HR role quota? Appreciate your assistance.

HR Role
We have assigned a few of our managers with HR roles, however, they did not receive email notifications for leave cancellation requests and have to log in manually to look under Review. They could not also approve the cancellation request by themselves even after logging in as an HR role, which ended up administrator having to cancel for them. Please advise on what we have missed here. Thank you.


  1. You will need to cancel your currently Monthly sponsorship first if you wish to change to Yearly sponsorship.

  2. Currently only Manager will receive notifications. Other HR Roles not yet.

  3. You will need to allow those HR Roles Modify right for them to approve cancellation.

Hi KC,

Will try as suggested in point no.1. Noted on point no.2
For point no. 3: I did give them Modify right under Leave management and leave approval workflow. (refer picture attached) However, they still claim that they could not approve the cancellation request.

What’s the error message when they did so?

no error, it’s just that when they click under review they can see the cancellation request in yellow, but there is no approve button. So basically they can only see but cannot action.

For cancellation, you will need to open the leave record, then only you will see the Approve button.

Kindly refer to the online user guide for more details.

for leave cancellation supervisor has to log in as HR role ya? cannot just approve the leave cancellation request if login as an employee?

Yes, only HR can approve (via Employer account)