Can't select weekends for calendar day leave type

I have set up a leave type that counts calendar days, and not weekdays. Now when I want to select a day that would allow me to use the permitted entitlements, a date that falls on a weekend can’t be selected. Any help?

I am not sure about you, but I won’t apply leave on my off day.

Sure, but as an admin I would feel concerned if someone still says they didn’t use up their full entitlements. Use this attachment for a leave request that has 98 days on balance. If the staff selects a date on Friday, then there remains 2 days.

But why would a staff want to start or end the leave on their own off day?

Its because in some companies, if you take leave after your off, it will count as leave only.
Is there a posibility that all leaves will count as calender days and rest as week days

Leave counted as Calendar day is already supported, just that I don’t think any employees will start or end their leaves on off day.

Yes. The calendar day leave type is supported, but the question is how we should match the number of entitlements and what the system shows. Check again my screenshot to have an idea. If an employee submits the date before the weekend or a holiday then the number of days is reduced and legally she/he would have to be compensated. If they choose the next business day, then it’s more than allowed.

I am suggesting that when a leave type is based on the calendar days, the system should allow to also choose the off days for end and start of the leave.

Do you mean that you need to compensate formal the employee’s off days too when the leave is based on Calendar day?

In my organization yearly you get 30 days off, but when an employee selecting 30 days as per calendar it not showing, and calculation sat and Sunday (weekly off), wherein 30 days means 30 days not excluding week offs.
Possible to add some option to add calendar days leave whenever they put leave application?

As I already replied: Can't select weekends for calendar day leave type - #6 by kapchew