Can't attach more than a documents for one announcement


I was trying to do announcement, however we cannot attache more than one documents at a time. how can we attache more than one documents for one announcement

Currently only single attachment is supported.

You may upload secondary attachments to Google Drive and share the links in the attachment.

I would also want to create a PICTORIAL announcement every now and then.

Some of them is to guide staff on how they can use

It’s not possible since only allow ‘text only’ announcement.

For now, you may try to create it in Word, then upload the Word file or convert it to PDF and save as attachment.

Hi Kapchew,

We discovered when the announcement appeared at notification, we not able to click to view. (andriod and IOS are same) But if we click on the home page the announcement is view as normal. Can try check is this a error?


This is not error, but by design. Currently all notification items are not clickable.