Can we add Total Hours Worked

Hello, we are new to the platform. I searched for the answer but was unable to find it. Regret the inconvenience if this has been answered already.

Is there a way to just upload total hours worked by a team member, instead of IN and the OUT time and the Break time to calculate Overtime?


Hi, when you upload the time clock records, OT will be calculated automatically according to your setup.

Did you encounter any problem here?

Appreciate your expedient response.

We track team member’s hours on [some other service]. And then we export the hours from there. It ideally does not have check in and check out time and it’s difficult to keep track of it. I was wondering if there is a way to just upload total net hours clocked by team members and your platform can then calculate plus or minus hours.

So instead of entering Check in Time as 09:00:00 and then the check out time as 21:00:00, can we just upload 12:00 and let your platform calculate the attendance and the OT.

  1. Kindly understand that mentioning other similar service here will make your intent dubious.

  2. Sorry that there is no such feature yet. And since you are already using other service for time tracking purpose, I really doubt why do you need to perform such calculation again on another platform, instead of using the same service to do everything? Therefore point number 1.

Well, we use the other service to actually track the time and take screenshots of what the team members are doing on their computer. So other service is for time tracking and monitoring perspective. However the reason we thought of giving a try is to automate a lot of payroll/attendance/leave management duties. Both the services are different in all regards.

Having said that, I appreciate you clarifying that there is no option to allow uploading the net login hours directly. We hope to understand, analyze and hopefully leverage your platform and if we decide to do so, contribute in the growth of

Irrespective of whether the tool proves beneficial, I wish you and your team, all the best! I am truly impressed with the offering and keeping it free for everyone. The option, for the small business like us, may prove a lot beneficial!

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