Can children details exported as well?

Our company need to update the record for childen age for LHDN tax filing.
noticed that the export details do not include chidlren age and details. only show the number of children only.
any posssibilty to include those details for the export button of employees details?

This is not supported yet.

Do you need the export of children in a separate file? or in the same employee export file?

same file will do, as they need to see the spouse details, spouse working or not, and children details so that we can key in whether they can be reliefed for tax or not.

Noted. Let me see what I can do later.

Thank you sir

Sir, may i follow up on this request?
sorry for chasing, as the LHDN needs us to update the children age asap.
as currently, manual way, cannot accommodate their request to update the details by monthly basis

Sorry that I have no time to update this yet.