Automatic leave approval - No approver

We want to have a leave system without any approver. So when an employee enteres a leave application it is automatically approved. I think this is a new feature as I could not figure out how to do it. If I leave the field “1st Approver” blank, then noone except me as admin can approve leaves - and I also dont want to do it :slight_smile:

This is true, it’s a new feature. Not sure if this is also needed by other users.

May I know why do you need such a feature?

I have created a poll to check if it’s needed by other users: [POLL] Automatic Leave Approval

I need that feature, because we do not have an approval level. People in our self-organized team are responsible to manage their holidays themselves and make sure that that they dont conflict with their or others tasks. So we only use here to track the number of holidays taken, but the approval flow is not useful for us - but we cannot not do it :wink:

I see.

Just out of curiosity. In your use case, I think a shared Excel file via Google Doc may solve your problem, where you may ask your employees to record their leaves in the online Excel file.

Won’t this work?

It can work yes, but then we dont have a change-proof system for days allowed and registered.

Noted with thanks.