Auto sum for the amount column in transaction reports

Would like to know if there is any option to auto sum for amount column in transaction reports of expenses and claims

No, why do you need that?

Because planning to use the export feature to excel as my claim form. I can have a sum of my monthly claim. I realized the column was in string instead of numeric, which causing me not able to sum the column.

Oh, I see. It is string because it may need to show currency symbol.

Oh I see. Do you think if there is any alternative to resolve my concern?

Unless the currency field is separated into an individual field…

ya maybe new update can separate it out as it is useful to be used as monthly claim since already have expenses module to cover the recording of expenses. Or include summation checkbox to include in export file.

Noted with thanks.

BTW, I just recalled that one of the reasons that this should not be auto summed is because that the currency may be different for different types of claims.