Attendence Data sharing for employees


It is possible for every employee to see another employee attendance status ? Makes communication fasters to right person as the right place.

Sorry, everyone seeing other employees’ attendance status? Can you tell me more about your use case?

We have stores with 3 branches.

With information accessibility :

-It easier for employees to see who check-in and is available for emergency task.

-If an employee is unavailable or on leave can communicate with another employee who is present for additional communication.

  • If someone is running late - could check who all are available in store for covering up with priority.

  • Overall, most of our employees take action on priority basis - with the present employee information things could be transparent and faster without communication with several members and take action.

  • This will also make branch to branch employee faster communication for additional support.

  • Also attentence information accessibility between employees helps to create good competition for time attentiveness.

I see. This feature is not supported yet, but I will consider it later.

thank a lot :+1:t2:

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