Attendance report auto generated and sent to managment


I want to know if this system has the feature to send a daily attendance report by email?
lets say that by 10 am all staff that clocked in will be exported and sent as a report

much thanks

This is not supported yet, but why do you need such feature?

well it is a report that management require daily, i know you can just export the daily attendance records and that is great, but i was just hoping for some automation.

i do have another question, how do you assign an employee an HR role? its not in placement or employment terms, would really appreciate the help c:

You may find out from the online user guide.

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Much thanks.

sorry i am new to the platform so i kinda have another question regarding leaves.

see in Bahrain (where we are from) if you take a leave lets say from 30 April 2024 till 2 May 2024.

1 May 2024 is a holiday here (Labour Day) and for us if you take leave and it falls on official holidays it isn’t deducted from your leave balance. so the total leave days will be 2 instead of 3.

note that all holidays are added in “Holiday”

is there anything like this in your system?

I know, that’s why I suggest you to start from the online user guide, as this is a FREE platform, and I am not able to provide hand holding user training.