Attendance management descrepency

hi, today i saw there was a discrepency in the attendance record. In Attendance > Management, I only saw 1 employee checked in today. However in Time Clock Report, there were 2 employees that came in today. Can you let me know if this is a bug? Thanks!

You only showed me one of the reports, how could I tell?

sorry the initial post only allowed me to post 1 media. here you go.

As you can see and compare the last pic, there were 2 employees that checked in, but in the attendance > management page, there was only 1. Thanks

Can you click in the Attendance report, and check the Time Clock record in both 18 and 17, I think one of the employees may have clocked in on 17, and continued clocking for 17 when he reported to work on 18. This is possible if he selected “Yesterday” when he clocked in.

this is the time clock report

No, I mean, click into Attendance->Management, then check the record for dates 17 and 18, and view the Time Clock record associated with it.

Your employee must have checked in and out by selecting date 17 if not mistaken.