Attendance General Report

I need to download a report including the information as follows:-

  1. How many days of absence - eg. 350/365
    Employee A 360/365
    Employee B 365/365
    EmployeE C 0/365

  2. Show the attendance rate/absentee rate

  3. All this information can be by general report or by individual employee

Kindly advise what I should do.
Thanks so much

This report is not available yet. But I can create it later.

Before that, may I know what’s the purpose of generating this report? Can you tell me more about your use case?

Thanks for the reply.
The report I need it for the purpose as following:-

  1. Easier to study for management team to analyzed the performance of the employee.
  2. To minimize the manual work to finalized the result just using the leaving report.
  3. Can view all the employee attendance by categorized by Job Position.

Here are the roughly purpose of the report.

Thanks for your clarification.

In this report, Absence means with or without leave? or both?

Both is better

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