Applicant management feature

Hi. Hope you can add in future developments the applicant management feature. This would surely help HR in managing applicants and directly forward info to employee list.


Sure, would be delighted to.

May I know more about your requirements for this feature? i.e. what do you expect to accomplish with this feature? your expected use case?

Hi. Thanks for the interest in this suggestion.

This feature enables the HR Staff to analyze, monitor, and let applicants post their basic information (paperless application) like;


  • Basic Info - Name, DOB, Age, Address, Job Knowledge, etc.

  • Answering basic application questions. And as for the HR - customization and adding applicant questions; Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? etc.


  • Basic Employment History Rating based on years/months of experience x no. of companies

  • Rating of Interviewers based on result and assessment of interview and exam. (Interviewers with levels - (1) Initial Interview c/o HR Staff/ HR Officer (2) Line Manager / Department Head Interview (3) Optional Final Interview c/o Boss

  • Applicant Status Tagging as (1) Scheduled (2) For Initial Interview (3) Interviewed (4) For Final Interview (5) Hired (6) For Pooling

  • If Hired - Basic initial Information can be forwarded to Employee Information.


  • For companies who are doing mass hiring activities.

  • Faster, easier, and more accurate information can be the basis for hiring qualified applicants especially if a long-period of pre-screening and filtering is made by companies.

  • Faster easier on-boarding process especially if multiple applicants were hired all at the same time. HR can focus on the training and on-boarding process rather than on encoding individual information manually.

I hope this can be placed in your pipeline development activities.

Thank you for developing this wonderful system.


Hi Chariz,

Thanks for the brief explanation of the feature.

From what you described, it sounds like this feature will start with a job portal for posting vacancies, and also to accept applicant resumes?

After that, HR will screen through the resumes and shortlist for interviews.

May I know how the Employment History ratings will be done? is there a preset formula for the ratings? Or is it merely some subjective assessment by HR?