Annoucement POP up function

Dear Sir,
our company has a lot of compulsary acknowledgement requirements set by senior management. Is there any way, where the annoucement can be pop up for staff to click acknowldgement button then only they can proceed to use the system? just like the bank scam alert, force user to click before can proceed? Please allow HR also to generate the acknowledgement report, who and when they have clicked and who has not clicked the acknowledgement button.

Thousand thanks if this is going to work.

I could understand your need for acknowledgement, but your suggested way may not be the best way. Employees can still click at the button without reading the announcement.

If that’s the case, perhaps what you need is only acknowledgement from employee, but not necessarily mandating employees to read the announcement. For this purpose, I may prefer to implement other solutions instead of the modal pop up, that’s honestly a bit disturbing.

Yes, we can accept other solutions as long as can cascade the message over to the staff. I believe my company only wants the staff engagement in the pop up memo only. Really looking forward for your other solution to engage the staff more in all the announcements.
Thank you