Alternate email address to receive leave notifications

Dear Kapchew,

I hope you are having a good day.

As of now, the managers that are involved in Leave Approval management receive all of the notifications in the email address that were registered to The issues are, the managers wish to have a separate email dedicated only to receive the notifications. For example,

Registered email :
Alternate email only to receive notifications :

Therefore, is it possible to add the alternate email address and receive notifications on that email?

Thank you.

Sorry, I don’t understand your use case.

Can you elaborate with more details, and also the reason for doing so?

Use case:
–For example, my registered email to is As of now, I receive notifications in that email.

This email is a work email therefore all mails regarding work will be kept in the inbox storage. We are wondering if perhaps we can use a different email that we create dedicated to only receive notification (

This is to prevent

  1. My primary work email ( mixes with notification emails
  2. Primary work email’s inbox full in storage

Hope I make myself clear. Thank you.

I still don’t understand.

Why don’t you use another email as your registered email for your account then?