Admin Email is Deactivated


We are previously using Google Worskpace for our email domain. However, the contract already expired and we were not able to immediately change the admin email used in HR.My. We are currently subscribed and are planning to renew our Crowdfunding/Sponsorhip but we can no longer login. Can we find assistance to update the email?

Thanks in advance!

Is it employee or admin account?

Admin account.

If it’s admin account, then the only way is to restore your email address to continue.

If it’s employee account, you may re-invite with another email address.

Won’t there be any work around?
Is there a way to internally change the email instead?

I am sorry that as there is no way for me to authenticate your ID, therefore I am not able to change the email address for you.

Just think of this situation, in future if a rogue employee impersonating you and come to ask me to change the admin email address to his email address so that he could access and destroy your data, should I agree to help him?

Your understanding is much appreciated.

Yes, I unserstand. Thank you.

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Hi @kapchew,

I will just reopen this issue. We had an expired domain problem and the new admin email can’t be accessed because of that. Is there a way for you to just turn off the Verification Code so we can do payroll process?

Sorry, I am not able to do that.

Thank you for the reply