Add Number of Hours/Days Worked to Payslip


Can we add number of hours/days worked to the payslip? The main point is to be able to customize the details that will appear on the payslip.

Looking forward to your response. Cheers!

If this is hourly or daily wage, then you should be using Earning items for calculation.

When you use Earning items, you will be able to indicate hours or days worked.

Thanks for responding.

Can you please provide me the steps? We just want the payslip to show the total hours worked for a weekly pay since it does not show here.

The employee selected is set on a weekly for the pay period. Let me know what part should I edit so when the weekly pay period is due, the worked hours will show on the payslip.

We are looking to use the platform officially and we are willing to pay premium to get the full features.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Sorry that I am not able to provide hand holding user training. You may try out to see if it works for you.

Can you please provide me the steps on what to follow so the total hours worked can show on the payslip?