Add multiple department for a Topic in Discussion Menu

Please add Multiple department for Discussion announcement, i can select only one department ,for a discussion topic sometimes we need to select multiple department, but in only one department select for announcement…

Why not use Organisation level announcement then?

Some discussions are done only among few departments, for privacy purpose, because everyone gets discussion topic if i post in in organization structure, so it is better to have option to select multiple departments for secret discussion.

There was no option to select multiple department…

Hmmm… can you give an example of your use case?

i need to add discussion topic for multiple department for open discussion, as like as any type of festival or others issue, employee salary increment issue, its only share to top level department & HR Department so i need to add an open discussion for two department, but in i only select one department, or whole organization…There are many other such things, which require two or more departments to attend for discussion.

Noted with thanks.