Add back the warning that accepting a leave request will put the emplyee in a negative allowance

Hi is possible to turn back on the warning telling managers that if they accept a leave request it will put staff in a negative balance ?

I know it now shows people remaining balance which is a big bonus but it would also help to still have the warning to remind staff like it used to.

we need to be able to allow staff in specific circumstance to go into a negative balance so we need that turned on

The warning is always there, but only in the Employer account.

For employee roles such as Line Manager, if the Leave Application Policy allows negative balance, why warn? If it does not allow, then there is no need to warn too.

the reason we need the warning like we used to have is so line mangers get an extra reminder that someone is going into a negative balance.

the reason for allowing a negative balance is:

  1. to allow staff to book Holidays early for example booking 2023 holidays in 2022

  2. so that when agreed with the line managers they can go into a negative balance and have it taken of next years leave.

most of the time we don’t want staff going in a negative balance so the warning we used to have was a great help and extra reminder.

Sorry that I can’t really understand such use case, at least it seems a bit unusual to me.

Besides, the way warning message for negative balance has never been changed since day one, it’s been like that all the time.

i remember it used to prompt that accepting this leave will put someone in a negative balance.

basically we want people to be able to go into a negative balance when there line manager approve them to otherwise we don’t want staff going into a negative balance hence why the warning is useful

Correct, this warning is when you ADD a new leave application in the Employer account, not in other account.

And there was never such warning before approval against negative balance.

would it be possible to add one :slight_smile:

Unlikely, as this is a very unique use case that is only useful to you.