Absent marking in attendance

We require absent or half day marking against employee’s attendance record by manager so that they cant put regularisation request in future. As sometimes employees mark in entry though they have not come at office & after some days raise request for missing out entry. If facility available manager can mark absent promptly.

You can put a remark for each employee attendance as Admin or HR Role.

Yes but in below screen if you can provide option to mark absent or half day, after that employee cannot request for any change in time entry

I don’t understand. If you have already put a remark, then why can’t you check the remark before making adjustment?

If we put absent or half day mark, then time entry will be locked for that day for employee & if he will put request for change in out entry time for that day in future, system will not allow as it is marked as absent. So it will creat one layer of check. It will also reflect in entry sheet with highlighted colour.

Any update on the feature to mark absent or half day entry