Absent in Attendance


Is it only us who noticed that the report in Attendance > Management search section is not working?
When we tried to search for an employee who is absent, the report doesn’t show any results. Please see attached image.

We have employees who didn’t report to work on a certain day or forgot to clockin and clockout in a day so they should be supposedly tagged as absent. However the system doesn’t seem to show that the employee is absent unless we manually add the record that the employee is absent. Is there a way where the system should automatically tagged that employee as absent so it will show in the Search section under Attendance > Management?

Thank you.

There is no way yet. The reason that some employees are not subject to time clock requirements, therefore returning all employees without time clock record as absent is also not a correct result.

All our employees are required to clockin/clockout hence those employees who didn’t use the time clock should be recorded as absent. If we do manual time clock for those employees just to mark them as absent, then how about if there are more than hundreds of employees? I think there should be a way where it should recorded as absent when there’s no time clock records for the working day just like how tardiness/late is recorded if the clockin is more than the set time to being tardy/late.

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There is already a function to Add Absent record to ALL employee.

Yes we knew about this but this is manual method. Is there a way on the Attendance > Management > Search > Reports where it would show the employees with no attendance record for the day as absent? For reference, see attached image below:

When we do this, it showed no results even if there are employees who have no attendance record.

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There is no such support yet, reason as explained in my previous reply.

Hi… @kapchew This is also a concern for us. In the year 2019 to 2021 as we were using this app… I noticed that the Absent tagging was automatically identified by the system if an employee did not post their attendance in the system. Then I just noticed that this is no longer applicable for this version release.

That feature is much convenient especially if we have lots of employees both in the field and office-based employees.

I hope you can consider to return this feature.


Hi, actually, I never changed the behaviour of absent tagging from 2019 till now. The biggest change back then was the UI.

We need this feature, @kapchew
This would greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of our attendance tracking.

We really need the Absent Tagging back Mr. Kapchew. It would greatly benefit us.

I sincerely hope you are able to bring the Absent Tagging back to HR.my.

It’s always there at Attendance->Management-> +