About the Ask Community category

This is where questions that I may not have time to reply, such as user-training questions for beginners like “how do I…”, “where to find…” etc could be posted. I will try my best to reply if my time allows.

Kindly understand that user training is beyond the scope of this support forum. As employees come and go, it is impractical and impossible for me to hand hold every newly on-board HR of an organisation, and then repeat the hand holding process again and again whenever there is a change of HR employee.

If your question is shifted to this category, it means your question May or May NOT be answered by me.

Therefore it is strongly recommended that you:

  1. spend some time to explore HR.my with some test data
  2. visit the online user guide: Online HR Software :: Get Started with My HR Employee Management Software
  3. wait for other HR.my users who may be able to spend some time to answer