A variety of issues when starting to use this

Signed up a few days ago to test this and we’re experiencing several issues we would appreciate guidance on and the help menu isn’t all that friendly (sorry).

  1. We have an admin role assigned and need to add additional HR people to access the admin side. Can’t figure out how;
  2. Under the employee profiles some of the fields don’t seem to be customizable (Gender);
  3. We don’t ask religion of our employees (its illegal) and can’t figure out how to remove this field from the profile;
  4. When viewing a spouse details, its shows a field that the spouse is not working when looking at the directory, but on the admin or employee side there doesn’t seem to be an option to enter the correct information;
  5. There are a few categories on the left sidebar certain members of our team don’t need access to. Can’t easily figure out how to remove certain sections from view. Is this customizable per employee or is this company specific?
  6. If we (company) decides to use the platform and sponsor, will the team members/employees continue to see the ads and request for sponsorship?
  7. How do you remove notifications that show up and have been viewed, doesn’t seem to be an option;
  8. When an employee requests edit access, we get the email with the request, but can’t locate where you actually give the permission;

Probably have more questions as we test this. Thank you for your help. We look forward to exploring further and hopefully selecting the platform and sponsor! Thanks!

Please understand that:

  1. I don’t have the time to provide user training for each new user. That’s the reason why I spent a lot of time writing the user guide.
  2. I am here only to help users with more complicated issues or feedback.
  3. Most of your questions, if not all, are already documented in the user guide (no matter how unfriendly you deem it to be)

As a quick reply to your questions:

Q1, Q8: Please read the user guide, carefully.

Q2: What do you need to customise for Gender field?

Q3. No, you can’t remove yet.

Q4: Please look again, carefully.

Q5: Per company.

Q6. No ads for all employee accounts.

Q7. Notifications will be removed after 7 days, read or unread.

If other upcoming questions are similar to these, please don’t post it. Thanks.