2 PAYMENT IN A MONTH (Bonus, then Payroll)

Hi, i would like to know how do i generate 2 payments in a month?

This due to we going to release bonus in mid month somewhere on 15th, then payday as usual on 26th of the month. I have already filled in the bonus area, but how do i generate it?


Sorry that this is not supported yet. I will support adhoc pay period in future.

so how do we make payment ya for split if its not supported? or is there any suggestion?

For now you will need to do it in the same monthly payroll.

Alternatively, which may be very tedious, that is to

  1. process monthly payroll
  2. change employee’s pay period to others, like weekly
  3. process bonus again
  4. change back employee’s pay period to monthly

would you mind to share the step by step. thanks

Already shared in my last reply.

seems like when i changed to weekly basis, i couldnt find the employee’s names

You need to process Weekly payroll.

yes i am, but i couldnt pick the employee name

Hi, your questions are already in the scope of user training, which is beyond my support.

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