Cancellation and yearly transaction report

Few things

  1. can it be set so line managers are informed when someone requests a cancelation
    reason: so they know when a staff member has cancelled a leave

  2. can it be set so line managers approve cancellation requests as would happen in most business
    reason: so they can approve cancelations

  3. can u download a transaction report for a member of staff for a hole year rather than each month individually
    reason: so when a line manager ask to see what leave applications someone has u can send them it.

  4. Can you allow a line manager to see the list of applications that people who report to them have, weather they be active pending or cancelled.
    reason: so line managers can see in an easy to understand/read list what applications staff have/have cancelled.

The answer is NO to all of the questions.

would these be features that could be added, specially informing line managers about staff cancelling holidays that’s very important.

being able to download a full years transactions for a specific member of staff would be very very helpful when line manager ask what days staff have taken off.

Perhaps, but they won’t be high priority items on my todo list.