[Bug] Individual discussions do not open in phone app or web

Attached is a video demonstrating what I think is a bug in the discussions feature. Let me know if any more information is needed. Thank you.

I can’t repeat your problem using:

  1. Google Chrome on Mac
  2. HR.my Mobile on Android
  3. Chrome on Android

Which web browser are you using?


Thanks for your quick response.

I have used chrome and firefox on windows11.

The problem also occurs on ios through chrome browser, and through the ios app itself.

We have tested the android app and it seems that the same problem occurs.

I think the problem may be related to your data.

Can you please change your account password to 123456 and PM your account login email?

I will take a look in your account tomorrow.

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Thanks for reporting this issue.

This error was due to my recent mistake, and it has been fixed now.

Please try again.